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A curated collection of Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings organized by category.

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Digital Murals

A mix of artistry and innovation, the Gallery binder houses our most luxurious and award-winning digital mural wallcoverings. All are exquisitely designed and  printed on paper, grasscloth, silk, linen, authentic metallic leaf, and durable vinyl.

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The Artisans Guild® binder is the ultimate source for sophisticated, specialty wallcoverings. Handcrafted wallpaper, metallic leaf, wood veneer, color wash, and unique relief, like our award-winning Rivets®, are hallmarks of this luxurious collection.

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Phillip Jeffries is the ultimate source for handcrafted grasscloth wallcoverings. Our range of naturals is unmatched with more than 500 hemps, raffias, arrowroots, jutes, and a variety of other grasses, most of them in stock and ready to ship.

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Luxe Naturals & Woods

Discover the elegance of artistically handcrafted natural wallcovering. The hallmarks of this collection are the handwork and layering of natural elements such as authentic grasses and woods, hemps, paper, and water hyacinth. From bold and striking to soft and subtle, experience fine artisanship, luxurious style, and natural beauty for your walls.

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Seamless Naturals

The art of paper weaving began centuries ago in Japan. This ancient craft is still practiced today by artisans throughout the world. This binder is perfect for someone who loves the look of a natural wallcovering, but not the paneling that may come with it.

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Textiles Linens & Suiting

From linens to woolen tweeds and suedes, we have the widest array of styles to choose from, most of them in stock and ready to ship. Our textile wallcoverings are meticulously laminated and treated with anti-fray and stain repellent finishes to ensure ease of installation and exceptional durability.

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Textiles Silks & Sateens

Our wide selection of luxurious and shimmering textile wallcoverings includes authentic Japanese silks and sateens that showcase linear strié, nubby detailing, or polished shine. This collection of modern classics is expertly laminated onto paper backing for ease of installation.


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From classic to contemporary styles, geometric to abstract motifs, and small to large-scale patterns – the PJ Prints binder has a wallcovering for every purpose printed on a selection of paperweaves, grasses, linens, silks, and durable vinyl wallcoverings. 

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Color Source®

An array of colors and textures is at your fingertips in our Color Source® binder. Our curated selections of natural, textured, and specialty wallcoverings are organized by color. Explore more than 400 items, most are in stock and ready to ship.

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Performance Vinyl

Developed to have the look and feel of a handcrafted natural wallcovering, our Type II vinyl collections merge luxury design with durability and affordability. Our award-winning designs are engineered for residential and commercial use.

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